Before you die, you get The Ring on Blu-Ray

I'm posting this late but Arrow Video has put out a superb Region B box set of the Japanese Ring series, and as one of the bonus features I yammer my way through Hideo Nakata's 1998 classic. For those of you with Region B compatible Blu Ray players, this is available as a standalone release or as the box set. There's something wonderfully perverse about paying up for high-definition optical discs of a movie about trading low-res VHS copies of horror movies.

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All Day Entertainment is an independent DVD label dedicated to motion pictures of artistic merit and entertainment value that have been overlooked by the Hollywood mainstream. 

From classic to foreign to independent to cult films, All Day is committed to giving the red carpet treatment to movies that fell through the cracks. 


Many of these films have never been available on home video before. Some have never been released in the United States in any way at all. All are presented here in exclusive DVD editions, lovingly mastered from the highest quality sources available, with unique supplemental bonus features.


For the unloved and the obscure, the lost and forgotten, All Day Entertainment is dedicated to the very best movies you’ve never heard of. Every one of these discs is a treasure, and I personally recommend them all.