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Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse was remade in 1962 by Werner Klingler, as one of several Mabuse pictures inspired by the popularity of Edgar Wallace films in Germany and Lang's own success with Die Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse. Gert Froebe, with his remarkable resemblance to Otto Wernicke, played opposite Wolfgang Preiss' Mabuse in this competent thriller.’”

--Paul Jensen, The Cinema of Fritz Lang


Easily one of the best German crime thrillers of the 1960s, and certainly one of the finest post-Lang Mabuse pictures, this taut European noir is long overdue for a reappraisal.

All Day Entertainment is proud to present a digitally restored and remastered edition of the 1962 Testament of Dr. Mabuse, created from the original studio negatives with the cooperation of the film's producers at CCC Films.

This new digital master is being prepared in 16x9 format to preserve the film's original 1.66:1 aspect ratio. The original German dialogue track has been recovered from German TV prints and a new set of English subtitles is being translated. For those who prefer it, the English dubbed soundtrack is also presented on an alternate channel.

Additionally, this collector's edition DVD includes an extensive photo archive, a collection of trailers of Mabuse films from the sixties, audio commentary, and more.


For information about David Kalat's DR. MABUSE book, other titles in this DVD series, the history of Mabuse and more, please follow this link

"Mabuse is the German myth of the twentieth century, a through and through German mythology. He may have roots in the American gangster stories or the French serials of Feuillade, the Mabuse hero may belong, as a type, to the families of Fantomas and Capone: but it is unmistakable how in the history of Mabuse criminal simplicity and brilliant greatness get mixed together, a typical conjunction of naivete and megalomania. A German mythology, whose germ lies in the tens, whose blood lies in the twenties and thirties... Mabuse is a creature of the German lost generation, but he must endure the bloodbath of Nazionalsozialismus, through the dance of death and its terrors, to finally find his destiny: Mabuse is truly a being of the postwar era, the sixties."

~Fritz Goettler, A Mona Lisa of Crime: The 1960s and the Legacy of Dr. Mabuse



All Day partnered with Polyband Media in Germany to make our edition of The Testament of Dr. Mabuse available for the German market on DVD.  Both the US and German editions of our DVD are now out of print.
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