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"Once again, bravo to All Day!" 
~Wade Major


The screenplay by Emeric Pressburger (of the legendary Powell-Pressburger team) is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train--even though Hitch's film wasn't made until 5 years after Wanted for Murder! Along with locations that Hitch would revisit (a gramophone listening booth, a fairground), here we also find a Hitchcockian overbearing mama, and the overlapped, interwoven fates of an innocent man and a killer.

There are also hints of Edgar Ulmer's Bluebeard in its portrayal of a serial killer gradually succumbing to love for one of his chosen victims (the ladykiller is first seen at a puppet show, too!).

Pressburger's script bristles with witty dialogue and a sympathetic portrayal of a most unsympathetic villain.

This little-seen gem was directed by Lawrence Huntington, a veteran of small B-noirs like The Patient Vanishes (1941), Suspected Person (1943), The Upturned Glass (1947) and Man on the Run (1948).

Also known under the alternate title Voice in the Night, this well-received British noir makes its US home video debut in this new DVD presentation, under All Day's Pulp Cinema banner.

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