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"It is in efforts like The Pirates of Capri, however, that one truly sees the master at work." 
says DVD Planet


In the grand tradition of Batman and Zorro comes Captain Sirocco--ruthless outlaw or revolutionary hero? No one suspects that the pirate Sirocco is also the foppish Count Amalfi--but behind Sirocco's mask is a man divided against himself, each half of his identity exploiting its secret twin. But victory will demand uncommon risks...

NOTE: An alternate version was shot in Italian--not an Italian language dub of this version, but an Italian language original. This alternate version was credited to director "Giuseppe Maria Scotese" but was actually directed by Ulmer simultaneously with the English language version--an Italian director's name needed to be cited in order to qualify for Italian government funds, but Ulmer did the work.


Pirates of Capri is the only Edgar G. Ulmer film that All Day released exclusively as a standalone edition.  This film was not included in the Edgar G. Ulmer: Archive DVD set, and is now out of print.
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