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"Exciting and suspenseful... Excellent crime thriller entertainment!" 
~The Cinema

Eddie Roback is a wanted man.

And as the dragnet closes in around him, he knows that the difference between freedom and prison--perhaps even between life and death--comes down to just a few short hours, and the loyalty of ex-lover Denise Vernon. Now, she must choose between her new life and the happiness it promises, or helping a man who has brought her nothing but pain.

As those hours tick away, these poor souls will face the hard choices they never thought they'd have to make, and the cruelest destiny that Fate has in store for the damned.


This classic man-on-the-run thriller from 1950 boasts an impeccable Noir pedigree: Directed by Frank Tuttle (This Gun for Hire, The Glass Key), starring Dane Clark (The Glass Key) and Simone Signoret (Diabolique), cinematography by the great Eugen Schufftan (Bluebeard, Eyes Without a Face), produced by Victor Pahlen (Pirates of Capri), with a catchy musical score by Joe Hajos.

Perhaps most remarkable of all is that this minor masterpiece of suspense was never released theatrically in the United States, and is only now making its home video debut with this special DVD edition.

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