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"A must for any serious collector"

says Derek Hill of Videoscope Magazine

During the period around and immediately following the Second World War, American filmmakers began to crank out a cycle of dark, unsettling crime pictures, suffused with a profound cynicism and a stylish Expressionist look. Peopled with tough guys (Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney) and femme fatales (Barbara Stanwyck, Lauren Bacall, Ida Lupino) trapped by Fate, inspired by the hard-boiled novels from the likes of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, these urban melodramas became a genre unto themselves. Some were high-profile A-list productions by Hollywood’s finest (The Maltese FalconDouble IndemnityThe Big Heat), but most were low-budget B-pictures (The Big KnifePrivate Hell 36The Cobra Strikes).

All Day Entertainment is launching a new series of PULP CINEMA, to recover some of the unsung classics of B-noir. To whet your appetite and set the stage, we collect here four dozen original coming attractions previews of classic film noir. From A-list biggies to lesser-known gems, this set is a distillation of America’s home grown film style: pulp cinema.



The Big Sleep
Lady in the Lake
Brasher Doubloon
The Maltese Falcon
Citizen Kane
The Big Clock
Witness For the Prosecution
Anatomy of a Murder
A Woman’s Face
Girl in 313
The Accused
Strange Triangle
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Private Hell 36
The Big Knife
Sunset Boulevard
Double Indemnity
The Bribe
The Big Heat
Ministry of Fear
Berlin Express
Hangover Square
Fingers at the Window
The Cobra Strikes
Grand Central Murder
Detective Story
The Glass Key
Sealed Lips
Circumstantial Evidence
I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
Act of Violence
This Gun for Hire
Ride the Pink Horse
City of Chance
The Killing
Night of the Hunter
Key Largo
Kiss Me Deadly

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