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"Vincent Price has always been a part of my life."

~David Del Valle


Vincent Price is one of the most beloved stars Hollywood ever saw. His extraordinary career spanned over five decades, and covered every media: film, television, radio, theater. Although best known as a horror movie star, Price’s own immeasurable charm and warmth was always reasurring, always compelling. All Day Entertainment pays tribute to this great actor with a deluxe collector’s edition DVD celebrating his remarkable accomplishments.

The centerpiece of the DVD is a 62 minute interview of Vincent Price conducted in 1987 by film historian David Del Valle. This program was intended as a pilot for a proposed TV series called The Sinister Image--a sort of Inside the Actor’s Studio for genre stars. The show was never broadcast and has never been seen, until now. All Day proudly presents the entire interview, covering 50 years of Price’s work, along with bonus outtake footage. Additionally, this disc features a separate 40 minute audio interview between Del Valle and Price.

Also included are two complete TV programs highlighting Vincent Price’s television career. The first is an episode of the anthology series Half Hour to Kill called “Freedom to Get Lost,” from 1958, hosted by and starring Price. Second is an installment of the musical variety show Shindig! from 1965 entitled “The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot” featuring the musical numbers that were cut from the film Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (yes, that’s Vincent Price singing and dancing with groovy 60s bikini babes). A 30 minute radio drama from 1958 from the series Escape rounds out the collection. 

Truly a Vincent Price fan’s dream.

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