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Easy Prey

Easy Prey is the debut, and posthumous, novel by my mother Ann P. Kalat, based on her own experiences as an undergraduate student in anthropology at Duke University Women’s College in 1968. I am proud to have played a small role in resurrecting this book and finally making it available--buy it on paperback or Kindle on Amazon now!

The life of a student at Trinity University’s Women’s College in 1965 was thrilling and stressful all at once. The sheer joy of learning new things and meeting new people coexisted with the fact that women students faced a very different set of rules than the men, and risked losing their diplomas for even petty infractions.

Roommates Octavia “Tavi” Hope and Holly May “Potter” Farmer, however, have an extra source of thrills and stress: a friend has been murdered, and the police have no leads. Curiously, Tavi and Potter seem to have nothing but leads! Can the murder be related to a recent lecture by a popular professor, like some classroom thought experiment brought to hideous life? And which is worse—to have no suspects to the crime, or to realize everyone you know is a suspect?

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