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The Secrets of J-Horror Revealed

After the publication of my J-Horror book in 2007 I was asked to participate in a documentary on J-Horror co-produced by Japan's NHK and filmmaker Deborah Ann Desnoo. The feature-length production mixes traditional talking heads-style documentary material (that's where I appear, along with Ring-producer Roy Lee, and other commentators) with fictionalized recreations of the life of mythologist Lafcadio Hearn and other relevant historical events.

This unprecedented Japanese-Canadian co-production is a loving and thoughtful exploration of the J-Horror phenomenon. The documentary features behind the scenes footage, clever fictionalized recreations, and interviews with important figures of the genre--and for some odd reason, me too. I was both honored and a little flabbergasted, but sadly although the film aired on NHK on April 24, 2008 it is not generally available for streaming or purchase at this time.

And if your appetite has now been whetted to hear me yammer on about J-Horror movies, then click here to listen to a radio interview I gave for an Australian broadcast last year.

SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET / 異界百物語 Japanese Version and International Version A Plug-In 2 Productions and NHK Co-production In association with Plug-In, SBS Australia, AVRO (Netherlands) with The Japan Foundation

A cross platform documentary / drama production that explores over 1200 years of Japan`s supernatural culture and reveals the impact of the past on modern J-Horror films. Writer / Director / Producer

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