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David Kalat founded All Day Entertainment as an independent DVD label in 1997. 


The company was created to rescue and promote motion pictures whose artistic value, historic importance, and all-around entertainment value merit a second-chance in the commercial marketplace.  

David Kalat also partners with other media companies such as Masters of Cinema, Kino-Lorber, the Criterion Collection, Classic Media, and others to bring the same attention to important films from around the world. 


Explore this site to learn more about All Day's DVD releases, David Kalat's work with other media companies, David Kalat's books and other writings on film history, and other special news and events.



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If Dr. Mabuse is out of his mind... whose mind is he in?


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I did not write this book.  My mother did, a long time ago.  She died in 1997 and twenty years later I published her debut, posthumous novel about a murder mystery unfolding on the sex-segregated campus of (thinly veiled) Duke University in 1965.

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